“With Great Information, Comes Great Responsibility”

A few months ago, I started this blog as an assignment for an Issues in Mass Communication course.  Over this period of time, I’ve explored a variety of different topics, ranging from the psychological effects of technology to the future of education. But as the final of our required blogposts, we were instructed to identify the one thing that we found to be the most important thing we’ve discovered through studying mass communication. After looking back at the last few weeks, one idea kept shouting out at me: information is power.


Information. Data. Knowledge. Statistics. Whatever you want to call it, information is what matters in this freshly forged technological society we live in. Information is the foundation upon which our entire race is building itself and progressing. Every single time we create anything, our creation is at least partly influenced by previously collected or shared piece of information. 

In our technological society, the creation of the Internet has allowed individuals to communicate in ways that would likely seem unbelievable to individuals just a few years ago. The unprecedented rates at which we are advancing and developing things is a result of our efficient means of communicating. Our communication with one another allows us to progress at extremely high rates. 

But what are we communicating? Words, numbers, thoughts, phrases, clicks, views, likes, posts. When collected and evaluated properly, these small bits of information give us the data we need in order to more efficiently do anything.  Designing networks, initiating movements, going viral, extending lifespans, predicting the future. They’re all doable because of the vast amount of information we have now digitally compiled.

The more information you have, the more effective your analysis becomes. This not only increases the confidence one has in his or her conclusions, but it also creates an environment in which progress is made at faster and faster rates. 



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