And so the blind could see.

I think it is safe to say that most of the population would consider a blind man seeing to be a miracle.

If Google Glass goes as according to plan, Google will be attempting to address this feat… at least in a sense.

Google is said to we working on a “smart” contact lens with sensors that can “detect light, pattern of colors, objects and faces.” The contact wearer will be able to control a smart device through a sophisticated system of unique blinking patterns and movements.

The possibilities of this prospective Google project could help blind people see certain moving objects around them.  Hypothetically, a blind individual who is wearing the lens (which has a built-in camera) may be walking down the  road towards an intersection. The component in the contact lens that does the analyzing can process the “raw image data of the camera” to find out if there is an approaching the intersection.

If this technology were designed properly, it would revolutionize the way we age, and if implemented entirely into our infrastructure, the way our transportation system works. The improving or altering of the way individuals see in any way could potentially alter the way our society perceives things, and how society operates.

I feel as though altering the way people see things (and how they see) would have huge ramifications, and should not be so quickly overlooked.


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