The Realm of Originality.

When imagining the our lives in the future, we all seem to envision a futuristic society that in some way resembles a science fiction movie we’ve seen at some point.  This isn’t just how the average person thinks, but it’s how today’s tech giants are establishing there projects and objectives. While it’s produced some pretty spectacular things, is this manner of thinking the one we should be using all of the time.

For example, even within Google’s program, Google X, one of the requirements is that all of their prospective pursuits must utilize a radical solution that has at least a component that resembles science fiction.”

But is this the way we should be framing our thoughts? Should we be basing what advancements are best for our society, by evaluating the aspects of an entirely fabricated society within which Harrison Ford is a main character?

Probably not.

The technologies of the science fiction world were created to overcome the problems of particular circumstances. They foster to a specific population of (made-up) people.

While it’s fun to imagine ourselves wielding light-sabers, having self-tying shoes,  or piloting flying cars, we need to focus on our society’s current needs. We shouldn’t be closing ourselves off to the world-changing ideas that can be found in the realm of originality. We need to encourage people to explore the unknown. To dive into the undiscovered.

While sci-fi often does inspire and predict the future, it doesn’t have to be the only thing that does.

Science fiction often focuses on the potential of the human race, and the great heights we can reach. So why are we limiting ourselves to already-thought-of ideas?




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