Prepare to be Educatized

Technology is changing the way we perceive education. Its changing how we educate. It’s changing the way we learn, the way we way think. What does this mean for the future? How is technology re-formatting the education system?

In a lot of ways! But I would like to focus on and observe how universities have changed.

When the formal education system first started out, to hear someone speak, you had to be with them. If you wanted to read their book, you had to go to the library. This is no longer the case. The education system is being “unbundled.”

Throughout the last few years, the mobility of our technology has improved exponentially and this development, coupled with improved visual display technology, has brought us to a time when establishing hubs seems significantly less needed than in the past. People now strive to take online courses, submit work online, and can even attend lectures through Skype-like software. Universities are becoming less of place to be educated, and more of a place to experience and socialize.

samsung mobile displayIt’s not necessarily bad. I for one love the whole ‘experience and socialize’ thing. But I know if Socrates were to visit a college campus, he would be a bit blown away by the lack of scholarly in-person communication that occurs during a simple walk across the quad. With everyone’s eyes pointing down at a screen in their hands.

Interesting Quote:

“If you think about our stock keeping inside the university, there are seven big constructs: class, course, grade, credit, degree, department, major. Not one of them is real. They’re all just how we do it,” he says. “Here’s what’s real: Students are real. Knowing things is real. Being able to do things is real. People will find alternate ways to teach those things. That’s where the really disruptive stuff comes from.” -Clay Shirky, a writer-in-residence at NYU’s Journalism Institute

Not to mention, no one makes posters or uses three-ringed binders anymore.


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