Zoogle Glass

Google Glass. People simply love to bash it. Google’s project Glass has developed an image-problem, and it constantly endures a relentless frenzy of jokes and critiques. People often refer to Glass users “Glass-holes,” and a certain nerdiness has become associated with the technology. But we can’t forget the true potential of this device.

The device can enable those who are immobilized to see the world in a way they would otherwise be unable to. For instance, a children’s hospital in Houston, TX is participating in a program that enables ailing children to ‘visit’ the zoo! The children, who are stuck in sanitized and sometimes quarantined rooms, can explore the behind-the-scenes action that takes place at a zoo.

Unlike the pixelated and fabricated environment of Oculus Rift, Google Glass has allowed these children to forge a connection to the real world. While sometimes medicine can’t overcome an illness or disease, the unfortunate circumstances that these children where born into can sometimes only be combated with the hope and strength inspired by these glimpses of a possible life that Glass enables them to have.

As the video says, Glass is simply allowing these children to “explore the world beyond their rooms.”


6-year-old Jayden Neal wored Google Glass and was able to see animals at the nearby Houston Zoo.


Sometimes I forget that technology, while often scary and intimidating, is a power for good. It takes stories like these to remind me of the direction we’re heading as a society, and the positive changes we’re making to the world around us.


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