Robots, Tigers, and Aliens, Oh My!

It’s a normal day. You are waiting at the bus stop, waiting for your ride to work. Just sitting. Suddenly, a giant monster arm emerges from the sewer and grabs an unaware pedestrian next to you!

Pepsi’s new advertising campaign in London attempts to draw in customers by blurring the line between reality and science fiction. By using a stationary camera, clever angles, and a standard HD screen, Pepsi Max has used augmented reality to turn a bus shelter’s wall into a fake window that appeared to show flying saucers, an attacking robot, and a loose tiger.



Relying primarily on a camera outside the shelter, it captures people and vehicles on the street in front of it.


What impresses me with this advertising campaign is that it isn’t really using any sort of new super advanced technology. It is simply a complicated game of angles and basic monitors. It’s a fun and interesting method of promotion and should be recognized for it.

It’s interesting to wonder what kind of direction these kinds of theatrical display-ads are headed in, especially considering the kinds of virtual reality work that companies like Oculus, Avegant Glyph, and Technical Illusions. The extent to which these sorts of display advertisements will be able to determine our identities will seem much more intrusive then today’s advertisements, I’m sure.


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