Diversity of Thought.

It may not seem like it at first glance, but Microsoft’s Cortana should be considered a relatively big deal. This new “A.I.”system, which is Microsoft’s attempt to combat Siri and Google Now, seems to be able to answer more elaborate questions than its rival Siri, and can actually inform a user of its own background and origins.  In addition, the fluidity with which the AI speaks is significantly better than its predecessor, Siri. While this is technologically not that far passed Siri, I still think it is important to take note of Microsoft’s new and more personable software.



While talking about the future of news broadcasting with classmates the other day, we hypothesized about how in the future newscasters (who present your news) will be customizable for each user so as to make the presentation more appealing and pleasant.  But should that be the future? Should we be able to edit how ideas are presented to us? Should we be able to dictate not only what ideas are told to us, but how? No.

Communications and journalism are founded in storytelling, and shouldn’t be fostered perfectly to someone’s already formulated perceptions.  These fields are essential in expanding an individual’s mind, and opening them up to different approaches and views.

Like any sci-fi dystopian society of the future, perfect cooperation causes stagnation. Opposition, and clashing ideas are what lead to advancements and innovation. Even if we have the ability to (and its simply more pleasant), we should refrain from designing any kind of system that will lead to close-mindedness and ignorance.

While I understand I started this thought from discussing Cortana and Siri, I truly do believe that the slope upon which we accommodate ourselves completely, is a slippery one.  Diversity and challenge allow progress and growth to occur.


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