The Big Blue Button

Something wicked this way comes… and it’s your boss!

Don’t worry about the screen full of NCAA madness playing right next to you on your desk, simply hit the “Boss Button” at the top of the screen and be sent to a webpage that looks like your standard browser results page.

While this button has usually been used on computer game sites and less mainstream (more politically incorrect) places online, throughout the last few years it has been used by CBS on their NCAA men’s basketball streaming page.  For me personally, I never noticed CBS’ use of the button because this is the first year I’ve had to live stream all of the games I want to watch.

The mere existence of the button, especially on such a well-known and credible broadcasting company’s site, shows just how important our live events are to us.  The emergence and growth of online streaming has lead to an entirely new environment within which television is no longer a vital source of information. Under these new circumstances, our need for instantaneous information delivery and gratification are met by devices that fit in our pocket rather than by a big screen on the wall.

While it’s true, people love to watch the big game on the big screen, but what about all of the other games.  Of the 60-something games being played in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, how many will you watch live on cable TV? Exactly.  You’ll probably just get updates on your phone, or watch streams/highlights on your laptop.

After living without cable for an extended period of time, I’ve come to see the extinction of television as a possibility, thanks to our increasingly fast-paced and information-packed lifestyles.

Other cool information about live sporting events:

Here’s a link to a graph showing just how the profitability of all the Madness has gone up over the years.

And if you think that March Madness gets a lot of attention take a gander at this.


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