A Steady Stream

As a young (broke) college male, I’ve developed quite a significant appreciation for quality streams of shows, movies, and of course live sporting events.

When I was watching a stream of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, I saw the “Boss Button” on the top of the screen next to the legitimate CBS Sports logo, I realized how pervasive live events can be, particularly sporting events.  With the tap of a few buttons, any individual with Internet connection can pull up a game on their television, their tablet, their phone. No matter where you are, there is usually a way to get your information.

A few months ago (when I had cable), I would have told you I had complete confidence in the future of television.  I would have said, I can’t live without my access to cable!  I need my TV! But my circumstances have changed, and I now live a life with no cable. 

I have a few shows I’m devoted too, but I watch them online.  I use Netflix and HBO GO to stream movies when it rains.  I have a live stream of the NCAA games plugged into the TV with an HDMI wire. And its been great!

It is because of these changed circumstances, that I’m beginning to doubt the point of having cable in the home, just as I did before the near-extinction of the home-phone (land lines).

I’m by no means arguing that people don’t watch live coverage of things anymore; I’m simply saying that there are other ways to get the information other than with a big cable bill.  

I don’t need cable. It’s taken me a while to come to terms with it, but I now know its an unnecessary expense. Why pay stupid amounts of money a month when ya could be getting all of the same type of information in easier and more catered ways?

But if you’re one of those people who just can’t keep from paying those cable bills, at least understand how to more fully use your cable access.  Too many people are unaware of the online content that their subscriptions allow them to access and explore.  Be sure to get all of what you’re paying for!


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