Rewiring Your Thought Box

Technology seems to be transforming our very natures. Its making us think, feel, and dream in ways we never thought possible. It’s proving to be true that humans’ neuro-plasticity, our brains way of improving and changing itself, is even changing (meta, huh). The wealth of information offered by the Internet and other technologies is changing the very ways we think and envision our lives and our futures.

The discussion many psychologist are engaging in, is somewhat of a philosophical one: is the change good, or bad. Some psychologists and cognition experts like the direction our brain is heading.  Many experts in the field identify the changes as improvements in our ability to sort out the details of our lives and more efficiently free our minds, allowing for more frequent deep thinking. On the other side, our attention spans are getting worse and we are becoming more impatient and impulsive, in general.

While I found the linked post regarding our changing brains to be interesting, I did find it contradictory that as our memories and attention-spans are getting worse, we the human race are creating more than ever. These counter-intuitive trends zero in on a growing concern: useless creations (usually on the Internet).

Are thoughtless and useless creations created and innovated instantly going to be more progressive than less, more in depth and complex creations?  Or is the sheer size of the population with access to technology and connections to the Internet simply going to trump all the other factors, with regards to “high quality creations?” 

It seems like only time will tell.


One thought on “Rewiring Your Thought Box

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