Could this turn into something?

Tablets and smart phones are both known for having screens that rotate with the gravity in order to improve the overall displays of both texts and videos.  So why are you rapidly scrolling down through your Facebook news-feed to that one funny post Charlie put up, when you could simply be viewing the site in a more feed-friendly manner by rotating the computer screen. 

Think about it! No bunched up tabs at the top of your browser, being able to see the whole Word document, cutting your scroll time in half. 

While I completely prefer a horizontal screen for my video viewing, I do feel that not enough products are being created with this capability. As more and more sites are formatted to display their information in a ‘feed’ style manner, a vertical screen would allow the viewer to more easily observe and navigate. 

The rotation also allows for more information to be placed on a main web page, and eliminates the unnecessary white space on the sides of the page (as I type this, I’m noticing my WordPress’s wasted space on both sides of this text box).

As I weigh the pros and cons, I consider a situation in which I had to choose one style for the rest of eternity… and it looks as though my preference might be shifting towards the vertical side.



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