An Ad-free Galaxy

No commercials.

Now that I’ve already got your attention, we can talk about Samsung’s new “Milk Music” radio service.  The first notable trait is, as I’m sure you guessed, it’s ad-free!  Unlike, Pandora and Spotify, Samsung’s new service will not interrupt your awesome jam sessions.  The service, which is said to have a library of over 13 million songs, is only downloadable on Samsung Galaxy-branded devices.


Only Galaxy-branded products will be able to download the new Samsung radio service, “Milk Music.”

Truthfully, besides being ad-free, the new radio service looks like it is exactly like its competitors.  While not being too innovative, Samsung seems to be banking a lot on the appeal of ad-free radio navigation.  Similarly to NBC and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Samsung seems to think it has such an appealing product that it can possibly force absolute patronage and loyalty.  How well will the exclusivity to Galaxy-branded devices work?

With the successful launch of the Galaxy S5, and an increasingly idle Apple, I personally think that the ad-free radio will simply be the cherry on top of an already superior product.  Please iFanatics, don’t kill me.


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