Being Watched

The emergence of the original Bluetooth ear-piece was when I initially began to take the social implications of technology seriously.  Since the aforementioned realization, my concerns for social etiquette and respect have been increasing steadily.  So when Google Glass came out, I was of course hesitant to accept it.  After constantly being exposed to classmates wearing the tech, I have now become comfortable in its presence.

But would I be at a bar? A sporting event with the guys? A private dinner (with wine)?  These traditionally intimate/private occasions don’t usually have a potential recording device pointed at your face, ready to create the next public enemy on the Internet.  These kinds of circumstances are blurring the lines when it comes to social etiquette and respect. 

While I love technology (I’m a huge nerd), I can’t help but side with the non-Glass users on this one.  The potential invasion of privacy is just to intimidating for me not to.  If I can’t feel comfortable being exclusively around my friends, I feel as though valuable ‘bonding time’ will cease to be a thing. 

Not to mention, the legal implications of recording individuals. Laws dealing with recording and filming will change since the ‘expectation of privacy’ will be redefined by the fact that Glass is constantly a potential recording device.

Sorry Glass-users, but I think sidelining the specs for the big game is a must. 


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