Answer the Cell Phones? No. Cell Phones the Answer.

When talking about technology, speed and accessibility are everything. How quick the browser searches. How fast a site loads. Whether or not you 4G or WiFi are working.

But all these concerns grant one assumption: you have a device that connects. This is not often the case, particularly when one observes the homeless portion of the population.  The digital divide that exists between socioeconomic classes genuinely prevents individuals from obtaining access to online financial forms, job-applications, event changes and notifications, and breaking news alerts.

Luckily, companies and services like St. Anthony’s Tech Lab are beginning to surface and improve the information transfer between the homeless and those trying to help them.


Volunteers work at St. Anthony’s in San Francisco. The non-profit helped launch a mobile-focused website Friday intended to connect the city’s homeless population with resources like shelter, food, and technology. Image: St. Anthony’s/Facebook

 It’s all the smaller, less-covered stories like this that allow me to remain optimistic about the future relationship between man and technology.

Who says that all tech is bad tech?


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