A Pleasant Twist

Candid-camera style advertisements, as well as interactive ad campaigns, are beginning to be used more and more often as the Internet and its uses evolves.  However, these advertisements are most often either pranks, games, or some sort of challenge for a random individual.  Instead of taking one of these widely popular routes, a Norwegian charity called SOS Children’s Villages has put a twist on this approach in an effort to raise funds to aid disadvantaged children in Syria.


The group set up a hidden camera across the street from a bus stop in Norway and enlisted the help of a child actor. The boy is obviously under-dressed, wearing barely enough clothing to cope with the snowy and windy winter.  Instead of playing a practical joke or game as many other campaigns do, SOS simply put together a video of random strangers offering the needy child their winder clothes and their assistance.

This optimistic and pleasant campaign creates a more personal connection between the company and the viewer, and it adds a more realistic feel that television commercials often lack.  I found the ad extremely refreshing since these types of  interactive/candid ad campaigns often focus on an individual’s naivete and fright.

Link to Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9O8j9QPZc8


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