Yankees’ Captain Retires Via Internet

Mr. November.  The Captain.  Number Two.  Throughout his entire career Derek Jeter has been a role model for not only the young players of the major league baseball league, but also the youth of America.  The manner in which he has carried himself over the years has been truly commendable  (he is about to be voted the MLB Face of the League).

The influence Jeter has in the sports world is a significant one, and when he makes an unorthodox move on a social networking site, it should warrant notice from journalism professionals.

Jeter entirely skipped the usual hectic press conference held for a retirement announcement and instead posted a lengthy passage of Facebook announcing the end of his career.  Is this the direction that press conferences and news releases are headed? While it already seems to precede live video news releases, will social networking entirely replace them?

Link: http://www.prnewsonline.com/water-cooler/2014/02/13/derek-jeter-uses-facebook-to-announce-retirement/


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