The (Non)Super Bowl Ad

The (Non)Super Bowl Ad

While aimlessly exploring the Twitter-verse today, I came across quite an interesting post.  It was titled, “The Best (Non-)Super Bowl Ad You’ll See.” Being the journalism nerd that I am, I impulsively clicked the hyperlink and was greeted by a still of Anna Kendrick.

NewcastleThe caption stated that the video consisted of Kendrick, a rising star in Holly Wood known for being corky and polite, ranting about the cancellation of a Newcastle Brown Ale Super Bowl ad that she was supposed to be in.  Without minimal intrigue, I pressed play and watched the 2 minute video.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The ad was focused on the fact that Newcastle couldn’t afford a television ad, and Kendrick was simply irate about the last minute audible (get it? That was a football pun).  In addition to the satirical video, if thev viewer follows the instructions given at the end of the video, they can visit a site cleverly named, “”  The site, as described by Newcastle, is “the mega huge website we could afford for the mega huge football game ad we couldn’t afford.”

It seems that an emerging trend in advertising is to use transparency and dramatized reactions to appeal to the viewers.  More and more new ads seem to be acknowledging the fact people are aware of ad tricks and sales pitches.  In a way, this emerging trend seems to respect the intelligence of viewers more, and come off as a more genuine and conversational technique.


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